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About Us

Love and respect for all forms of life is woven into the cultural fabric of mankind. Our original cultures, ever since the prehistoric times, have been known to worship the sun, as the provider, the rivers as maintainers, and the trees as bestowers of life.  By establishing these traditions of worship our forefathers tried to teach us the art of reciprocation of the love that Mother Nature showed to us.

With the passage of time however,, these tradition were lost, and somewhere in the process of development, it seems, we have forgotten the value of reciprocation. In a mass frezy of consumption, we are depositing large amounts of harmful gases in our atmosphere; our rivers have become victims of excessive chemicals, and we have lost a major part of our original forests.

Ahimsa (literally, non-violence) can safely be explained as an expression of the ancient traditions of harmony and reciprocation.  By resolving to not inflicting pain, or injury to any living being, which traditionally also includes the planet earth in her personal form, we are trying to make sure that we start reciprocating with our environment in loving exchange.

All our products are rooted, in the philosophy above. That is to say that the basic characteristic of our products is their zero to negligible effect on the surrounding environment or our fellow living beings. The milk products for example are taken from cows, which are respected and loved like family members, and through out their lives, they never see any machinery, weighing or “utilising” them as resources. Along with this are the food products such as the spices, which are accepted from the soil in their most natural form, and are then processed in the most eco friendly, non-industrial manner.

We are staunch and relentless when it comes to this love. Love is not confined to a sophisticated expression of liking something, not even the curiosity to explore something new, but an absolutely crude desire to keep things the way God almighty gifted them to us.

We strive to do this with a team of dedicated volunteers, Ahimsa enthusiasts, and several energetic professionals, who are all resolved to learn the good old golden rules of thanks giving and gratitude. Our Endeavour at Ahimsa products is to bring out such lifestyle management solutions, which while adding value to the life of our clients may also be harmless to mother nature, and any of her forms.

So we welcome you to take part in this exchange of love between Mother Nature, and mankind, and to know the sweetness of unconditional love.